The wonderful LibertyLondonGirl gave me a Thinking Blogger award (and a lovely compliment to go with it- I still blush like a corndog at the thought) yesterday (Updated to add: while I was composing the post, Elisabeth gave me an award too! I'm honoured to get it from two amazing bloggers., and from the Queens) . Now, passing tags on is not something I'm very good at, and since many of my favourite blogs have already been tagged I'm at a bit of a loose end but will try anyway. So, I'm tagging:
1. Thesaurus Rex: I happen to have the privilege of knowing this gentleman in real life, but that isn't a necessary condition to enjoy the blog itself, which is by turns contemplative, amusing, and never anything less than excellently written.
2. Dreamecho: Like most of my taggees, she's on hiatus right now, and is severely missed. Easily one of the most articulate, stylish fashion bloggers out there- equally at ease discussing a runway collection she particularly liked, the results of a thrifting spree, and problematic advertisements.
3. Meg of The Apathist: One of my earliest blogger buddies, whose return to the blogosphere needs to happen soon- I've missed her frank, funny (not good for work, if you're liable to giggle), occasionally snarky posts - though I do hope you're having a good holiday, Meg.

4. Asta and Madelene of Fanatique: Asta and Madelene ran two of my favourite fashion blogs (La Primavera and Le Portillon respectively)- blogs which were thought-provoking, informative and always gave me something to contemplate even after I'd shut my computer down. I was sad when first Madelene, then Asta, began posting less frequently on their respective blogs and then declared that they (individually) would stop altogether, but now that their new project- Fanatique- is here, I'm thrilled to see it. It's every bit as good as I thought it would be given who's behind it, and I wish them both the best of luck (also, Asta's article on pre-Fall collections is a must-read for anyone who's perplexed by the sudden wave of A/W2008 fashions appearing when we weren't even out of 2007).
5. Their Royal Highnesses Queen Michelle and Queen Marie of the Kingdom of Style: As a loyal subject for the last year, I don't think it'd be an exaggeration to say that the Queens rule. Whether they're dressing up, telling off Grazia magazine for unleashing the word 'treggings' on the world, stamping models and photographs and pretty things with the Royal Seal of approval, or telling us about the antics of Bo and Amber, they are fantastic and regal like no one else.


Thesaurus Rex said...

Wow. Now I'm blushing like a corndog (and I didn't even know cornmeal could turn pink)! Never been called a gentleman before. Now I feel like I have to live up to that description!

However, I'm going to be a bit of a swine and say the following: It would probably be better to refer to my blog in the past tense. :P

[Thanks for the plug, floppy! Hic sunt a very cool blogger.]

Meg said...

A welcome back to the blogging sphere which surpasses all others. I'm going to have to think on my choices for a bit because all my faves have been snapped up already, but thanks very much!

Meg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzanna Mars said...

I loved that meme; as a new blogger it opened up a lot of great new blogs I wasn't aware of otherwise. I'm the one who tagged LLG this time, and now I'm adding your wonderful blog to my blogroll!

Elisabeth said...

Hurrah for awards :)

Great links; thank you!

riz said...

Cheers to Meg and Asta!

Going to definitely check out the others, Congrats!

Fanatique said...

thank you!

headmistress said...

wicked links. I hope those that have become inactive do wake up from their dormancy though, because they are excellent!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

T. Rex: You did say you were on hiatus till at least the start of 2008, which is now. But the archives are still fun to read through. And the corndog reference was just random.
Meg: You're welcome. And, once more: welcome back!
Suzanna: thanks, and now I've found your blog I've got a link to you- I love the way tags go around, it's always fun seeing how people answer.
Elisabeth: hurrah indeed :)
Riz: thanks! And happy browsing..
Fanatique: You're welcome, and two thumbs up to you!
Headmistress: Some of them, I suspect, won't be doing coming off hiatus in the near future, but I know comments on T.Rex's blog, at least, are answered even if he doesn't post.

T Rex said...

Hee hee. Reading the archives is part of why I decided to stop blogging. I realized that in the case of some of my favourite ideas, I had already written about them years ago, and in some cases, wrote about them more effectively!

I realized the corndog refernece was random when I googled "blush like a corndog" and found one single result: this blog.

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