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*makes huge efforts to stop blushing*...Oh my...Dreamecho has passed me on the You Make My Day award, as (I'm paraphrasing her words) one of ten blogs that make her feel happy about blogland- and it is an honour indeed. It's also a tough task to pick out just ten of all the brilliant blogs I read, but I'm passing the award (which, in a real-life world, would be one of those squeezy yellow smiley-face balls) on to:
1. Susie of Style Bubble: It's been nearly two years since the day I first stumbled on Style Bubble, bookmarking it in my head as 'that nice Brit girl who'll ship stuff over if you fix up the PayPalling' (sadly, it's an offer I never took up), but it just gets more brilliant with time.
2. The Clothes Horse: The Clothes Horse absolutely rules when it comes to wearing, posing and writing - this is one of my daily 'go to' sites, and a joy to read or even just look at. :)
3. Elisabeth of Wine Glass Logistics: I'm thrilled she's back from her holiday at last, her blog is a bit like getting one chapter of a (very good) book to read every day, and I was starting to miss it.
4. Blushing Apples: My favourite place for a look at anything sweet and whimsical, whether it's the trinkets she posts about or her dogs, Snow and Sushi. The after-effects of browsing usually consist of the urge to cuddle something...
5. Selina of Flying Saucer: I'm definitely not the only person who's seen her blog and coveted her wonderful pre-Raphaelite hair, or laughed about whatever crazy thing's been happening in her uni life (a pineapple in the courtyard was the last one)....
6. LibertyLondonGirl: LLG would be one of the coolest girls in cyberspace even if she wasn't a fashion editor living in New York. I can't think of too many other people who'd be as willing to tell us the truth about fake eyelashes (among other things), with as much of a sense of humour.
7. WendyB of Wendy Brandes Jewelry and this blog: Why, why, why won't Google unlock her main blog? 'Tis a brilliant blog, in fact both of them are. Who else will tell me about fish feet and murderous empresses with tombstones just waiting to be defaced by red lipstick?
8. Masala Chai: I love the art that Pav (the genius behind the site) showcases- it's often on the bright, kitsch side of things and such a pick-me-up to look at. It's also an education in itself, getting to know about the artists and photographers featured...
9. Romeika of A Room of One's Own: Romeika's blog (which I sometimes feed into Babelfish to understand all the comments) is one of my favourite places to discuss movies and random cuteness-loving impulses. Her posts are always amazingly well-constructed and thought-out, and it's all an amazing read.
10: Dreamecho: I can't think of too many other people who'd actually investigate the origins of a meme- so the fact that she approaches blogging in a spirit of equal parts inquiry and fun, is no surprise.
I'm really sleepy right now, so I'm going to tell my taggees about it tomorrow. Good night, everyone..


WendyB said...

Thanks for the mention! I have so many more empresses to cover; they need to unlock me so I can get going!

enc said...

This is cool; now I have some new blogs to discover!

Libertygirl said...

I love you, a bushel & a peck. LLG xx

susie_bubble said...

Bloody hell, it has been 2 years hasn't it? I have always looked forward to my Blue Floppy Hat comments and now I look forward to the BFH posts too! Muah!
Again - who to tag now that all my fave bloggers have been tagged....let's just spread the love back and forth in a sick blog orgy...

Elisabeth said...

haha, you are such a sweetie pie!

Thank you for your sweet comments!

selinaoolala said...

ah gosh thank you! this made my day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! I feel very honoured. I'll try me best to round up my fav blogs, which like you mentioned is not an easy task at all ! Thanks for loving my blog :)

Suzanna Mars said...

Great list! There are some here I was not aware of, so I am bookmarking those and look forward to reading and enjoying them in the future!

And SB, LLG, WB, and FS are four of my top five faves!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Wendy: yay for being thawed out at last- I want more bossy empress ladies to raed about.
ENC and Suzanna: This is part of what I love about tags- I nearly always get new blogs to read! Much cheaper than books, too.
LLG: Ah, thanks *blushes*- you're totally the cool senior I'd have hero-worshipped in school..
Susie: Time does fly, doesn't it? And thanks for saying my posts are things to look forward to :)
Elisabeth: It's hard not to love a blog when you root for the girl behind it..and you are brilliant indeed!
Selina: I really struggled with trying to describe why I love your blog so much, since the giggles struck every time I thought of the pineapple. Hee hee..
Masala Chai: You brought up a brilliant list of your own, thanks for giving me lots more great pics to look at!

Romeika said...

Oh, thank you so much for the mention, I feel so flattered:-) And don't worry about tagging me once more, it's fun. I've already taken the "what's in your bag" pic, I plan to post it together with something else, but since this other material is on my not yet recovered pc, I haven't done it yet. :-S I hope by monday it'll be all fine again.. I miss blogging!

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