Hello, 2008.

Contrary to what the last post might have suggested, I am not a New Year's Eve party girl. My idea of the perfect way to celebrate dates back to last year, when J and I decided to skip going out and stayed in our room with two pizzas, lots of fluffy chick-lit type reads on our laptops, and a festive bottle of gin each. The silence was only broken by the odd giggle when one of us found something she was reading particularly funny- and we probably radiated smugness over the fact that we weren't stuck out at a party listening to bad Hindi remixes (two words: Himesh Reshammiya. AVOID!) or, in my case, suffering a repeat of the year when my best friend told a whopper about her age- and, by inference, mine too- which resulted in me getting hit on nearly all night by drunk (which I could forgive) and boring (which I couldn't) midthirtysomethings who thought I was twenty-five when the real figure was five below that.
This year's plan involved staying in and having a marathon Sailor Moon viewing while scarfing copious amounts of chocolate, but suckily for me, that didn't quite work out. So, in a homage to what might have been, I'll leave you guys with this picture of Tuxedo Mask, who is one of the spiffiest superheroes I've ever seen and much better dressed than your average save-the-day-er (more Zorro/Mandrake the Magician than Superman. Neat jackets beat spandex any day). If a superhero theme is the order of the day (it seems to have popped up on runways recently), a hot manga boy is as good a way to go as any....plus, I can't think of any reason not to love someone who uses full-blown roses as assault weapons. You have to admit, he's got style.


Yohan said...

"hot manga boy"


Hee hee.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Just because IIT put you off it...

fashionistakay said...

I used to watch Sailormoon all the time when i was younger...i even pretended i was her when i was even smaller (probably) like 5. And I agree that sometimes the best time is just spent inside reading a good book. (But on new years eve i went dancing and had a blast!) Although I'm very glad your new years wasnt a repeat of the previous one.
p.s. check out my blog sometime!

selinaoolala said...

omg sailor moon yesyesyes! i just love the replica dresses they have on eBay too- i reeeally want an excuse to buy one!
p.s. going out is overrated, i sure wished i stayed at home once squished between horrible sweaty boys!

Heather said...

Oh, I really hate the party pressure on New Year's. You've got the right idea!

Yohan said...

I don't think it was just IIT that turned me off anime. A few of my friends here watch tons of anime, and they are otherwise sane individuals. I watched one whole series actually. It was called Ergo Proxy.

I think there's something I don't get about Japanese culture. I always feel like something was lost in translation.

And of course, there's the whole problem with pretty male protagonists. I'm not a "manly man" but the anime notion of maleness creeps me out.

To each his own, of course. Few people like documentaries as much as me.

susie_bubble said...

Oh how I wish I could have partaken in your Sailor Moon marathon...is it wrong that I really used to fancy Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru....?

Elisabeth said...

Gosh - I think I am out of touch, I have never heard of Sailor Moon!!

Happy New Year 2008, honey!


headmistress said...

have you ever seen the live action sailor moon? Some things are...just... wrong.
But oh! Prince Darian! Oh Moonlight Knight! I think there was a great episode when he goes a bit evil. He was snazzy, with his black, black roses.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

fashionistakay: :) at your story..I used to try fixing my hair like hers when it was long. And your blog is lovely, I need to set some time aside to reorganise my blogroll and get all my new reads on it.
Selina: you have one of the ultimate excuses to get the dresses...it's practically your name! (Serena from the English dubs- I mostly watch them with subtitles).
Heather: it's hard to hold out, really..party pressure is the right words for it.
Yohan: I suppose Sailor Moon is just one of those things that's stuck since childhood for me. And given that it's a cartoon, Tuxedo mask and the other Sailor Moon boys aren't particularly effeminate, i thought. I'm not ordinarily a huge anime fan, but I like these.
Susie: you're welcome to join in, any time! And I used to fancy Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask myself, so I'm hoping it isn't wrong :)
Elisabeth: It's great to see you back! I'd never have heard of it either had it not been for my local video rental shop stocking lots of Japanese movies when I was a kid..so you're not out of touch at all.
Headmistress: A live action Sailor Moon? I'd never heard of it...and I think I'm glad not to have seen it. But yes, I love sarky boys:)

riz said...

Ohhh man! I love Sailor Moon!! Happy new Year. That looks so excellent.

indi said...

someone once (without being asked to)tried to guess my age. he first came up with 28 then saw my jaw drop, figured it was because i was pleased and then hiked the number to 32. luckily for him im mature than most for my age, otherwise he wouldnt have known what to do with the sexy shoe in his eye. happy new year! i have loads of blogreading to catch up on!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Indi: Ouch. I'll admit, even I was a bit offended by how easily everyone seemed to believe I was 25. But the image of a sexy shoe in the eye is making me laugh :)

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