Just A Note

Dear Everyone Who Reads This
I've been trying to get my blogroll into some semblance of alphabetical order, and also to work out where to put new sections of it (like one for food blogs- sorry, everyone who came here after being misled by the url), so if you see your blog missing, I haven't really blitzed you off! Please do email me if I've done it, though, or if you want to be added.

Love from

Blue Floppy Hat


WendyB said...

Come say hi to me at my "temporary" blog :-(

dreamecho said...

i've been trying to make new sections too...it's just confusing when subjects overlap each other! btw, i think blogger has the option of automatically alphabetizing links.

Anonymous said...

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Blue Floppy Hat said...

I'm not too keen on the automatic alphabetisation, though..I'd like to keep it in some order, but not exact order (does that even make sense?).

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