Not On A High

A while ago, there was this questionnaire floating around the blogs, one of the questions on which asked something to the effect of: name one thing that other people seem to think is perfectly normal, or even wonderful, that you think...isn't. And my answer to the question would have to be: high-waisted jeans. Maybe I'm talking from the (admittedly biased) point of view of a girl who has more curves than she can comfortably deal with, but I can't see the point of jeans that think they don't need to stop at your ribcage in order to cover you up decently. I mean, low-rise jeans just went overboard with the lowness part of things, but at least it's possible, given a long enough shirt or jacket or even some judicious tucking in, to avoid things that you'd rather not put on display, going that way. There are lots of girls who look great in high-waisted denim, and I do like the way the proportions play out on a skirt, but jeans just happen to be a bit of a weird zone for me, fashion-wise (I own seven pairs and wear one, it's that hard to find jeans that fit right even in a country that is supposedly full of non-skinny women). I'd even put aside the body hangups if the damn things were comfortable- high-waisted, wide-legged trousers seem to work ok for me- but the jeans- a white pair that date back to the 1980s by the look of them- are just a pain in the arse for right now, especially after meals. This trend can go stuff itself, for all I care- and maybe it's not very adventurous or fashion-forward of me, but I kind of wish it would. And if we're so fussed about modesty, a nice oversized sweater might do the trick, now that it's pretty much autumn and all.


alexgirl said...

hah! you're so funny. I have major issues with jeans too. I haven't even bothered to try too many wide leg jeans yet, I don't think they're going to be too flattering on me. sigh.

ambika said...

You are not alone in the high waisted doubt. The presence of hips makes these pretty unflattering, though I don't doubt that won't keep me from seeing lots of fashion victims wandering around.

I'm with you on the jeans hate. I have to make sure I have *hours* when I'm shopping for them and be okay with not buying any at the end of the trip. Just. A. Pain.

Perakath said...

I didn't know high-rise jeans were 'in'...

Tip: Stay away from Levi's made-in-India jeans. Possibly the worst cut jeans I ever bought in my life. With the smallest pockets ever. There's space for a cellphone or a cigarette packet, but not both.

Yohan said...

Never heard of high-rise jeans. Low rise jeans were pretty disgusting on people with ...er... not-so-perfect figures. Ever heard the expressin "muffin-top"? Hee hee.

We can dispense with jeans altogether, as far as I'm concerned. Since my last pair tore 5 months ago I haven't worn any denim whatsoever. And I feel fine. Let's hear it for trousers, corduroys and cargos!

Linda said...

Hey! Like your blog too! Consider yourself linked! x Linda

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