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I'm taking a break to do things like write exams and get used to my new staff duties as a moderator over at the forums I frequent . It basically means I get to tell off people if they get argumentative, rude or try to push porn to the kiddies on the site (what fun! no, really- I was thrilled to be asked to join). I should be back soon enough.
PS: I'm sorry about that pic below. I suppose I should explain that the Hindi translates roughly to GOVERNMENT COLD BEER SHOP.
PPS: I sat down intending to post about the Mitford sisters. All I can summon up right now is how I've spent over seven years thinking they were an unbelievably fascinating bunch, and I suppose the reason I'm putting this up here at all is that I didn't figure out till today, while wasting time on wikipedia, that the Duchess of Devonshire (she who wore pearls and cashmere to feed her chickens- not scandalous Georgiana), or should I say the Dowager Duchess, grandmother to none other than Stella Tennant, is one of the six, and the last one living.


Libertygirl said...

Ah the Mitfords. Reading fodder of my teens in the are end of nowhere, dreaming of boys, frocks & escape. Dying to read the new collected correspondence. Loving the blog BTW. Have linked to you xx
ps forwarded yr comment to the bride. It set her off crying again. Bless. xx

Perakath said...

Your life in the blogosphere consists of a series of breaks.

The Hindi translates to exactly that.

Good luck with the eggies!

Yohan said...

Was on a wikipedia adventure about the Mitfords recently. I think it was via J.K. Rowling.

ambika said...

Love the Mitfords and they're collected works. I really want to get the letters between Nancy & Evelyn Waugh.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

The Mitfords are genius, no two things about that. My own adventures into their world happened via JK Rowling too: sometime after the Goblet of Fire release, she gave an interview somewhere saying that Jessica Mitford was her hero. Which basically led me to Hons and Rebels, and Nancy's books.
LLG: Arse end of nowhere is exactly the phrase I'd like to use to describe my current location. And under these circumstances, boys, frocks and escape sound like the things I'd want access to.
Ambika: Nancy and Evelyn Waugh? I didn't know about this, but it sounds interesting. I shall keep an eye out for it.

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