A Brief Note Of Appreciative Sighing

Fashion photography sometimes looks just a wee bit tired to me, not least because so much of it is just so slick, and trying so hard to sell you absurdities. And even in the middle of all that, my personal favourite pictures end up performing the function of a nice cosy hidey-hole- it doesn't matter if I'm looking at it now or whether it came from five years ago, it's a very gentle reminder that The Season is not paramount, and sometimes it's just amazing to put the image, instead of the clothes, first. Fashion editorials aren't quite supposed to be outright adverts, after all- something mainstream magazines and photographers seem to be forgetting more and more- but happily, I can't accuse Tim Walker of it just yet, and never have been able to. Maybe the thing I really love most about his images is the ease with which it's possible to dream up a story behind them- something I used to love doing with random pictures as a kid, and a response that Emily Blackapple's paintings of girls provoke from me even now. It's really like going off into a corner of your mind somewhere and thinking of strange things...not weird things, just odd ones.
(photo credits: thomasthreuhaft.com)


Libertygirl said...

Oh I do agree with you, one hundred per cent!! xx

Katie Rosemary said...

absolutely beautiful... the second has become one of my favourites

Rollergirl said...

Oh totally agree. That website is one of my top faves, and appparently Tim Walker is a lovely guy too!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Katie: I love the second image too...what's not to love about a tree full of what look like pies and cakes? Bit like Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree lands with lots of food.
Rollergirl: I've spent ages there lusting after the original prints of some of the images. There are very few photographers who could lead me to buy a magazine after seeing that they had just one editorial inside, and he's one of them (Corinne Day was the other).

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