London Calling

If I were to be absolutely honest, I only paid any attention to NY Fashion Week at all because there's been little else to do, it's pouring again and two days ago I could have served as the original model for someone's template of Drowned Rat (incidentally, does anyone else think the Marc by Marc Jacobs show was a bit nauseatingly cutesy, or is that just me getting old? If even Agyness Deyn and Freja Beha can't work it...but the shoes were rottenly fanciable. Like candy.) And Naoki Takizawa's collection was gorgeous, but....
A lot of my design loves still lie with the daft and the slightly dippy. Or those who look like it, anyway. And of the four major fashion weeks, I don't think too many people would disagree with me if I were to say that there is ample potential for genius to come from the (seeming) daftness of London Fashion Week. A lot of them might have packed off elsewhere (including to New York, where wearable gimmicky Britness- e.g. Luella- seems to be quite well-loved), but after years of watching videos and pictures of the events, it's a fair bet that there will always be someone new to, as the saying goes, be carrying on with. Last year this time it was Christopher Kane, whose studio was broken into last week- if he ever finds out who did it, I'll be very happy to offer up my half-assed law student services to prosecute whoever it was. And it isn't all design-school-graduate madness, which people seem to forget- don't Duro Olowu, Paul Smith, Margaret Howell, and Amanda Wakely count for anything? There are loads more shows I look forward to seeing pics of in London than there were in New York, but somehow reviewing isn't really my cup of tea..
PS: incidentally, does anyone know if Emma Cook has shifted fashion weeks? I don't seem to see her on the schedule online.
PPS: I'm glad they're not following the BMI test after all. It's just far too arbitrary, and too easy to manipulate.


Teresa said...

I agree, NYFW is the most mundane of the four fashion weeks, which doesn't make sense that fashion's most important peoples skip the incredibly innovative London FW.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I've never understood that attitude either, at least the editors should be scoping it out if the buyers aren't. Especially considering the people who've been discovered there in the past.

Meg said...

NYFW barely registers on my radar and Marc Jacobs continues to induce yawnage in my life. I think you described Luella Bartley designs perfectly, to be honest I don't see why everyone's hooting up that she's back for a season. Her clothes are pretty boring and uninspired when compared to the likes of C.Kane and G.Pugh...this sounds like a bit of a rant doesn't it? I'll run along now.

And by the way, Turkish food? Holy Raf Simons, it was so good! I was on the verge of smuggling couscous and menemen in my handbag.

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