The Artsy Fart Trots Out Again

Blogging is a strange world at times. It isn't as if I haven't scribbled ideas for posts into the Drafts section of my dashboard, but more often than not, the draft never gets posted. And the thing that really made my fingers start itching to reach for the keyboard again today, was, of all things, a brochure for a UK law firm that wants to hire people from my campus- and the trigger wasn't anything in the brochure itself (lime green cover, lots of photographs of people who were surprisingly normal-looking- I knew I'd been reading too many fashion magazines), other than the information that their London offices contain paintings by David Hockney and Bridget Riley- both (especially the former) subjects of my adolescent art crushes. For about half an hour, I seriously considered applying to the place before realising that it'd look absolutely absurd if I get through their tests and then walk into an interview and tell the panel I want to work in their office because of what they use as wall decoration. Plus, my grades are crap.
Thanks to random art books lying around my parents' house (back when I lived in it as an actual occupant, rather than using it as a holiday pitstop) I know that David Hockney was part of the British Pop Art movement, but even though it does have more to it than Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, the people whose works Mr Hockney reminded me of most are René Magritte, Picasso and Paul Gauguin. I know it's an odd combination to be thinking of, I'm not even that big a fan of the latter (Gauguin), maybe I have a thing for huge, slightly flat-looking expanses of colour or just walked around assuming that Monsieur Magritte was having a bit of a giggle (faceless men in bowler hats! I ask you....incidentally, he also seems to be a bit of a law school favourite, possibly because we seem to have a collective image as snotty anonymous corporate lawyers who'd fit right into the suit, only minus the bowler hats. Though I honestly wouldn't mind a green apple or two to hide my face behind). And if I were to be honest, Andy Warhol is cool, but he isn't one of my artistic loves- sometimes it just feels a bit gimmicky, what he does, and even if Dali was equally show-offy in his lifetime his paintings are easier for me to connect to, if not always to get. I'm really useless at this art commentary stuff, so forgive me for sounding like I've spent too many sleepless nights inhaling chemicals
Pearblossom Highway, 1986
Skaters/Venice, 1981
A Bigger Splash, 1967- which bears at least a slight resemblance to
The Human Condition
And finally, my personal favourite Magritte- The Son of Man
Hockney image #2 from here, the rest from the My Pictures folder on my laptop- to be credited when I remember just where I got them from.


Yohan said...

Art is something I feel much better qualified to comment on (despite never having had an adolescent "art crush") . My parents' both used to do oil-on-canvas paintings, but of the classical variety. Non-representational and abstract art was a post-school phenomenon.

There's really no need to apologize or say you're useless at the art blogging - you name-drop like the best arthouse types! Hee hee. Only kidding. It helps to get recommendations.

So is England a common destination for Law School grads? London is pretty awesome - you should try your luck. Are grades the only criteria?

ambika said...

I'm smiling trying to picture that job interview.

And I'm definitely with you on the Magritte love.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Yohan: I started out intending to post about David Hockney after I'd been through the brochure, but ended up rambling. I really do need to work on coherence, if nothing else.
And I'm not sure how common a destination London is, but a fair few people this year are going to spend time there as trainee lawyers. Don't know about people who've been out a few years, I know some do head over that way. Grades aren't the only criterion, but I really don't care to be pitted against half my class in the UK firm application madness- plus it isn't as if I have much else to recommend me :)
Ambika: yes, it's a funny thought, isn't it? And I used to think, before coming to law school, that Magritte was underappreciated. It's just the geek contingent that likes it.

Yohan said...

And in the wider world of criticism, Magritte is a postmodernist favourite. "This is not a pipe" and all that.

I take it having an eye for haute couture is not something UK law firms are looking for?

One of my auxiliary motivations for taking up neuroscience was the fact that I knew none of my classmates would be applying for it!

Also: rambling is exceedingly healthy! Ramble on, as Robert Plant exhorts us!

Meg said...

I love Magritte's Son of Man, it always reminds me of The Thomas Crown Affair. I think that excellent office decor is just as good a reason as any to work somewhere. Plus you get to travel.

Rollergirl said...

Oh I love, love, love Hockney! I haven't seen that rollerskate pic before, might have to investigate it...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

It was a poster, I think- at least it seems to indicate as much :)
And no, Yohan, I don't think Clifford Chance wants itself an employee with an eye on their artwork...

Emma said...

Sweet schwetty balls, those pictures are great. Especially the apple-face.

alexgirl said...

I love the Magritte. I'm with Meg, it reminds me of The Thomas Crown Affair (the remake).

spacedangel said...

I LOVE MAGRITTE. His art makes me crazy happy.

Mrs Fashion said...

I think if you have the grades and it came down to you and another (equally academically placed) you'd win hands down. Showing an appreciation of art means you are a well rounded candidate and know more about life in general than other candidates who just rock up and have no idea of life outside their college work and law. Dull. That's not what employers want anymore.


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Oh Mrs F, that's an incredibly sweet thing to say :) I won't be ready for employment for years yet, though- hopefully, I shall find an employer who's something like that.

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