Pug Cuteness

Most ads these days- including one I raked over the coals (and not, IMO, without reason) a while ago- are unquestionably stupid. However, props must be given where props are due, and given that spending the better part of the weekend nose-deep in Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations* wasn't very good for my posting habits, I reckon I can sign off with two of the cutest commercials to appear on Indian television in the last year, or in fact ever.

1) Ad announcing that Hutch cellphone services are now to be known as Vodafone (the pug was a sort of Hutch mascot thanks to a really brilliant previous ad showing a pug following a little boy wherever he went, with the tagline, 'Wherever you go, our network follows'. Total cuteness overdose, but with soppy-sounding background music which means I'm not putting it up here). Nice move retaining the imagery, though, given the fact that sales of pugs as pets skyrocketed after that first set of ads came out.

2) New Vodafone ad (seriously, watch this one even if you skip the first video).
*many, many thanks to the kind person who put OVA 3 on Youtube...


WendyB said...

Everything is better with pugs!

susie_bubble said...

Cuteness overload!

Meg said...

The second advert combines two things I detest (children and animals) and I love it anyway. The stamp part is too sweet.


Awww I love pugs. & I've always loved the pug ads. My aunt has two of them , they're amazing ! Extremely intelligent too.

bobo said...

I keep imagining the pug getting run over by the bus in the second ad.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Wendy: I thought you'd say something like that :)
Susie: I know!
Meg: Ads with kids in them normally grate on me, too, but I don't think there are too many people who wouldn't be won over by Kid+Pug here. And the stamp part is my favourite too.
Masala Chai: I looked for the Mirinda spoof of the first Hutch pug ad, but sadly no one's put that on Youtube yet. I don't reckon these ads could have worked as well with any other kind of dog, either.
Bobo: Ouch...I never thought of that! But doggy devotion is the sweetest, IMO.

bobo said...

including slobbery ones?

Aishwarya said...

I'm with Bobo...dog + road just makes me panic.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Bobo: including the slobbery kind, even when she deposited drool on my favourite shoes.
Aishwarya: Dog+City Road used to make me panic too (I'd have been disturbed if there were any vehicles behind the bus, but country roads, not so much).

bobo said...

dogs are fine, but i prefer mutts (such as those on campus) to the inbreds.

can't help wanting to squish pugs with cars. occupational hazard of being engineered to look like a bug.

hm, the other thing i dream of doing to a pug is kicking it into touch.

they look like they'd bounce..

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