On The Frustrations Of Being Four-Eyed and Yeti-Haired..

Being a shortsighted person is annoying. Especially if you've lost your fifth pair of glasses in six years and are not a contact lens wearer, and were rather fond of your last pair of glasses, to boot (they looked not unlike those of Louise in the picture above- how does that girl always look so lovely?- and it took a painful amount of hunting to find them). I'm now resigned to yet another long, frustrating and possibly fruitless search through optical shops while one salesperson after another attempts to inveigle me into settling for the rimless glasses that techies in this city tend to favour. Unless the frames really are Wayfarers, and all I have to do is find a pair of those and get prescription lenses fitted in place of the regular dark kind.. and it might well be possible to justify the expense since I need these to see with. Pity it doesn't seem likely that I'll get to find cat-eye glasses anywhere, though..
On a side note: how on earth does she get that braid of hers to look so perfect? Several years of futile practice have only led to the top of my head looking like a twisty birds'-nest every time I attempt that style (even if it's tremendously convenient for summer). I reckon I'll have to stick with the alternative for now: braiding the sides and sweeping everything (braids and all) into a bun. It's worked a treat so far- no hair sproinging out the sides, and less boring than a plain bun- at least in my head.
picture from Garance Dore.


Y said...

Coincidentally, I've been thinking of getting a pair of black Wayfarers myself...sunglasses I mean. But they cost something like 150$, and splurging doesn't come naturally to me.

susie_bubble said...

Non layered hair helps.....
With regards to shortsightedness.... I've been wearing contacts since I was five so don't really have a problem with glasses-hunting.... they all slip off my nose....feel your paint though!

riz said...

I actually lost my first pair of glasses earlier this year, which reminds me I need to make an eye apptmnt! So thanx for that :)

That braid is the only reason I wish I had long hair again.

Elisabeth said...

Well, I suck at braids, so I can't offer any advice!

Good luck finding your perfect pair of glasses, sweetie!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Y: If splurging isn't a normal thing for you, making an exception for something you really want wouldn't be so bad, right?
Susie: That might do it..though my layers are all past collarbone length and I think my main problem is just having hair that's too thick.
And wow, you've had lenses from age five? I can see how you'd find glasses a pain :)
Riz: On top of everything else, I'll probably have to go for an eye checkup too. Oh, the trials and tribulations of losing glasses...
And yeah, the braid is genius for summer- I love having my hair off my neck.
Elisabeth: I'm not so good at braids either, but they're a fun way to occupy my hands when my hair is loose:) And thanks for the good luck- I suspect I'm going to need it!

soph said...

Well I'd really recommend glassescrafter.com...You can't try them on obv. but they got lots of different angle shots and theres loads to choose from, cheap, nice styles etc... I got some from there and I'm v.happy...And I don't work from them or anything!!

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