Better Late Than Never...I Hope.

After getting my hands on a copy of the Indian edition of Grazia nearly two weeks ago, logic dictates that I should have scanned and posted the following while the month of April was still running. And I'm truly sorry for the graininess of the following (no scans, but my camera is dysfunctional and really can't do any better- or maybe it's just me). But yeah, for any people who want a vague idea of what Grazia India looks like, here goes:
The cover. They've photoshopped most of the life out of Bipasha Basu, but it's not even a tenth as bad as what happened on Vogue's first cover.
I'm not sure what I think, really- the abundance of bold headlines and yellow highlights and boxes makes me feel like I've been given a bit of a bludgeoning (albeit, given the fact that the tone of the magazine is friendlier and less snooty than, say, Vogue, a well-intentioned one). I do like the articles, and the lack of excessive pompous 'what- Indian-women-want' etc. platitudes is refreshing (*coughSallySingerforVoguecough*). Although the incomplete Shop section (why on earth do things from Givenchy, Prada, Petit Bateau, Isabel Marant and Y-3, among others, have to be featured in fashion spreads if they're completely unavailable in India?) is not. In some way that I just can't put my finger on, it reminds me a bit weirdly of a teen magazine, and right now I'm just hoping no one from the magazine sees this and sues my ass for sticking so much of their content up online- something I didn't even consider the last time I did something like this (though you really can't read anything off the pages, and the images are terrible quality).


dreamecho said...

i always appreciate glimpses of what's going on in your corner of the world. thanks!

evie said...

it really irks me as well when spreads feature brands we can never get in the country. no one has been able to answer that question of mine. i guess it would help if i actually had some friends in the business lol

El said...

I liked the Angie interview in the magazine, she sounded ok..

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