Paul Harnden: This Sweep Is As Lucky As Lucky Can Be

It's more or less a given that fashion thrives in equal measure on throwbacks and futurism (however one might choose to understand the latter term- it doesn't only refer to the angular shapes that Courreges et al made so popular in the 1960s), and is positively vampiric for change. Which is why it's hard not to find it gratifying to come across a designer like Paul Harnden, whose commitment to his aesthetic seems to be consistent to the point of unyielding- I've heard it described as 'Victorian chimney sweep', and find myself compelled to agree- the wrinkled, lived-in quality of the clothes and shoes (induced by burying the latter for a year at a time) and the look are certainly old-fashioned on first glance, but appear completely modern in their styling. As is obvious, they're a far cry from anything that might be considered traditionally 'sexy' for a woman, but to be honest, I find that refreshing more than anything else.
It's also rumoured that he works somewhat in the tradition of an old-style artisan, with a production team of just three people and a large part of the handwork done by the designer himself.
pictures from the Paul Harnden thread on The Fashion Spot.


Ally said...

Wow his designs are so beautiful, thanks for posting, I had never heard of him before...now I'm off to check out his TFS thread

yui said...

ive alwats loved paul harnden... the head to toe paul harnden look is something i probably wouldnt do (at least not in my 20s) but i love the aesthetic, id totally wear his dresses and skirts now...i hope to own some of his clothes soon

oh yeah when i think of harnden i think of this woman who is just too awesome for words, (its one of my fav sart photos alongside his renata molho photos). cool old women kill me


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Ally: I think you'll like the thread!

Yui: I agree, the head-to-toe look might not be for everyone, but I like the fact that it's not so high-octane.And it looks like the pieces are easy enough to be incorporated into an existing wardrobe, if you ever do come to own anything by him I hope you'll show us.
The Sart's old lady subjects are the coolest, IMO. They look like they have so much character, and their clothes never ever seem to wear them.

Envoy of Belfast said...

We really liked your story about Paul Harnden.
We are a boutique called 'Envoy of Belfast' and we stock Paul Harnden woman's wear.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

^thanks, I'm glad you liked it! And wow, your store must have some amazing pieces if it's stocking Paul Harnden..

rebelglam said...

i love him! he's similar to a designer here in NY called Gary Graham.

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