Cakes, 1963

I've always been more of a cake person than a pie one, even without this Wayne Thiebaud painting- it didn't convert me, just reaffirmed by love for all things edible (speaking of which, even this blog's daft url).
I've never been a fan of that many pastel shades in a clothing palette, but something about the texture of the painting (the detail shots show paint laid on the cakes almost like icing, which is mildly reminiscent of what a certain Vincent Van Gogh used to do)- the presentation of the colours in the context of such simple shapes, perhaps? just calls out to me to recreate it one day, with actual food. When that day comes, I'll photograph them, I think.
image from artinthepicture.com


BarelyVogue said...

I love cakes too. Infact I am craving one right now. Blamin your post :)

dreamecho said...

I must have come upon this image on my own around the same time as you...while browsing through art books in an NYC bookstore a couple of months ago. I LOVE images of food, and this one (ohmigod, I was about to say, 'takes the cake,' without even intending to) also hits the right note with me as well, for the same reasons you noted. I like how tranquil it all seems.

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