Blooming X-Rays

Floral radiographs are among my favourite things to look at in the world- it's hard not to love the eerie starkness of floral and leafy shapes when their internal structures are laid bare by x-rays. There's a purity and beauty to the resulting pictures that I probably wouldn't have felt in pictures of live flowers, and the manner of their presentation leaves me feeling a bit like these are a floral post-mortem of sorts.
I knew they reminded me of photographs I'd seen before, and spent a while racking my brain before I remembered: the late Irving Penn's photographs (see Dandelion, below) did feel a bit like this when they were in black and white)
Steven Meyers photographs from http://www.xray-art.com, Judith McMillan photographs from www.art.com


Razzi said...

The dandelion is so beautiful. I wish I had the skill to capture something so pure and beautiful!


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Heather said...

waterlillies are my fave!! and the dandilion is amazing too :)

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