Under-exposure, by Corinne Day featuring Kate Moss- Vogue UK June 1993

Consider this the followup to Libertylondongirl posting that Corinne Day/Kate Moss 1990 editorial for The Face after finding the magazine in her house. Given that this editorial for Vogue UK's June 1993 issue (photographer: Corinne Day, fashion editor: Cathy Kasterine) is almost as famous, and that most people (as in the case of The Face photoshoot) don't know it in its entirety, I thought it was well worth posting especially considering how the images transcend the trends they were meant to be showcasing.
It's also interesting to observe the early-90s influence starting to creep into mainstream fashion: the cover of this issue, shot by Sante d'Orazio, featured a wet-haired Claudia Mason (here) looking fresh-faced in a way that no self-respecting 80s fashion publication would ever have allowed. But of course, the editorial below pretty much overshadowed everything else inside in terms of influence.
Corinne Day later said that she took the shot below on a day when Kate had been crying after a fight with her then-boyfriend, resulting in the vulnerability that turned this into one of the most iconic and controversial images produced in the 90s (on, of course, the charge that Kate was too thin, heroin chic,etc). It's the most reproduced image of the entire editorial, but the clothes (pink Liza Bruce vest and Hennes- now known as H&M- chiffon knickers) are rarely remembered, or credited.
pics from TFS


Liberty London Girl said...

Thanks for the link lovely. Great to see these images again. LLGxx

Fashion is a Playground said...

She's the one...

Cille said...

Fabolous photos! Great to see such inspiring pics!


Steph said...

she's so perfect. Especially in her prime youth. I absolutely adore your blog!!


Laura Walls said...

I've been looking for these pics for ages, thanks so much! Am writing an article for Glossy magazine on the relationship between photographers and models and want to reference the Day/Moss collaborations of the nineties. Awesome shots.

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