Finding The Feu

This seems to be the season for me to find new blogs from Japan - though in this case, it's the identity of the blogger, as much as her style, that's making me go starstruck thinking "Holy *swearwords*!". The girl in the mirror, you see, happens to be none other than Limi Yamamoto, the brains behind Limi Feu, blogging- blogging! here. Love the classic fashion-blogger face-out-of-picture pose, and the polaroid-ish presentation of the other pictures on the blog. It's not just clothes, though- koi fish and what looks like Limi's desk, also get the treatment. Go have a look, already- here's the link.
photograph from limifeu.weblogs.jp


Make Do Style said...

Good image and it is nice to find other blogs always!

Very true what you said about Bardot. The image of her and the reality of her persona are at odds unfortunately.

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