Adams Extraordinaire

Obesity Can Kill / L'obésité tue
Balloons/Les Ballons
Steve Adams's work is something I've been a fan of for a while (the picture in this post is one of his), and it's a bit hard not to be a fan, to be honest- the appeal of his work lies in the fact that his pretty, gritty artwork isn't just lovely to look at, it's also more often than not bitingly clever (I think I can safely say no one who's picked up a newspaper in the last three weeks will fail to appreciate it). Which isn't surprising, considering that the publications he's contributed to include the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review...do check out more of his work at his site, it's well worth a look.

Government Generosity/Générosité gouvernementale?
What's Hiding Behind That Smile?/Que cache ce sourire?

Running for Coverage/À couvert!
All pictures from adamsillustration.com


enc said...

I love it.

The sun one reminds me of the Police song "King of Pain."

The general feel of this work reminds me of some of Magritte's work.

WendyB said...

Fascinating! I agree with ENC, there's a Magritte vibe.

A dreamer said...

definitely fascinating. not something that's instantly appealing to me but when i studied the pictures you posted more, the more i appreciated them.

A dreamer said...

oh and i've tagged you.

Juliet said...

cute in tiny way.

juliet xxx

MUS said...

beautiful illustrations!

yumiko said...

oh, i love these pictures!

Anonymous said...

i love these illustrations. the geometric shapes are wonderful! and i love the use of simple, muted colors.

susie_bubble said...

The first picture is oddly my fave...

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