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Fifteen days is a long time to be MIA from a blog especially during Fashion Week (no point me trying to say anything about it, others do that better and at least this time, I'd rather wait till it's nearly over before putting out opinions- I'm no Suzy Menkes or Susie Bubble, after all).
I don't know how many people reading this remember this picture. It was the foldout flap of Vogue India's first cover, which featured two actual models as opposed to Bollywood heroines, and somehow the Photoshop that was so liberally used on it didn't quite manage to make one of the models, Lakshmi Menon, look quite as blank or dead as the other people on the cover.
She ended up opening Givenchy's couture show and featuring in their campaign for this season, which looks rather fantastically cool (and it's nice to see her getting more attention, though it's kind of odd to see someone who's been on jewellery adverts all over Bangalore for half a decade getting called a newbie to modelling like I've seen in some posts on TFS). But the news that she'd been picked for an editorial in Paris Vogue was what got me really happy...pictures follow. (the rest of the shoot featured Yasmin Warsame, but I don't have the time to upload the rest of the pics).

This feels a bit like they got their inspiration from M.I.A...
And this one above reminds me of Susie Bubble's sheer trousers..


bobo said...

huh. looking at the foldout, was wondering which one exactly was the least lobotomised..

WendyB said...

Great pictures.

ambika said...

The big hair makes me think of Erykah Badu.

enc said...

It's nice to see you back again.

Those photos are gorgeous. Very textural.

A dreamer said...

i reckon gemma ward looked really dead on the cover- and i'm usually such a gemma fan. :)

i love the hair and shoes oh and the pulled down jeans !

susie_bubble said...

I've seen her around castings...she is really jaw-droppingly beautiful....

Elisabeth said...

Great pics... and those shoes. Woah.

GARDE-ROBE said...


Check out my little online vintage shoe shop!!


Kind regards

Juliet said...

I'd be great if blogs would make an input on Vogue.

juliet xxx

NewYorkChique said...

ahh I'm just like you- not bothering to cover fashion week 9even though im n new york!) because...well other people have a handle on that. haha

evie said...

I noticed her on the runways while going through the usual FW pix on style.com. She IS incredibly gorgeous

Franki Skye said...

Love those pics... Check out my blog at www.frankiskye.com if you have some time to kill :)


yumiko said...

she looks amazing in the first picture..and i love the styling in that one too :]

ive linked your blog! i hope you dont mind?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Bobo: She's the last one on the extreme right...and they didn't manage to get her to look as dead as the rest.
Wendy: Yeah, I think so too.
Ambika: I love the big hair! The Erykah Badu comparison does seem apt, though.
ENC: I've been absent much more than I would like to be...it's not good.
A Dreamer: Yeah, it's such a waste of good models..
Susie: Glad to see you agree :). She really is gorgeous, too.
Elisabeth: I know! They were giving me shoe lust the whole time! Not to mention hat lust..
Johanna: Thank you for leaving me the link! I'll be sure to check it out sometime soon.
Juliet: They have The Sartorialist snapping streetstyle for them, I suppose that's as far as it'll ever go. But fashion blogs do get a fair bit of recognition in magazines these days (eg Vogue Girl Korea's World Bloggers feature), and that's fantastic.
Newyorkchique: Nice to know I'm not the only one like that :). I'm not such a fan of Spring/Summer shows anyway.
Evie: Agreed, totally :). For me, it's interesting to see how different she looks in those pics from the way she looked modelling clothes on Indian runways..really interesting indeed.
Franki Skye: I'll check it out, soon..dying of no sleep, here :)
Yumiko: I crave the hats, and the styling in the first picture is indeed great.
And of course I don't mind if you link my blog- feel free to link it!

Nicole Then said...

love this spread!

christina said...

omg those shoes!

-h of candid cool said...

Lakshmi Menon is insanely beautiful.
also so is the very tom ford era: Ujjwala Raut.

miky said...

i so like it

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