Purple On The Follicles, Viole(n)t On The Brain.

Every so often (which isn't really all that often), I get the urge to do something completely daft, which for the most part won't get done because I'm just a chicken that way. Past cravings have included pink fishnet stockings (unfulfilled thanks to unavailability in my immediate vicinity), bizarre umbrellas (it's been pissing rain here for the better part of last week, though thankfully the last few days were clear), and writing posts in Ye Old Englishe (after the E on my keyboard went berserk one day- bloody job it was, going back and removing all the extra e's). And right now, it's purple hair.
I'm not quite sure just why now is the moment that I want to match my hair to my nail varnish - I've never dyed so much as a strand before. The stuff is black and tangled and shaggy* and of a completely indeterminate length and texture that requires me to twist it up and off my face if I don't want to spend my old age coughing up hairballs, and right now it is annoying me no end with its schizophrenic ways- nondescrepit one day, mad the next. And purple, I can say with some degree of confidence, really suits me- only I'm terrified of just what will happen to the texture of it once the dye goes in, and the last place I asked about it said they don't do colours other than shades of blonde, red and brown (and no offence to people whose hair is any one of those colours, I've always been fascinated by red hair thanks to The Little Mermaid and Shirley Manson but I'd rather slit my wrists than allow so much as a split end to turn any one of those colours- I have no desire to look like some bimbo Bollywood actress). Although I wouldn't mind if the red was a blazing crimson, but it's still purple I want, and a nice vivid shade of violet, no less. It will go nicely with my panda eyes. And I have a sneaky feeling that I should do it before I get out of college, because no real world job that I am likely to get will ever tolerate an employee with hair the colour of blackberry jam. Just as soon as I get the courage to actually do it....along with cutting the stuff to bob length or shorter because long purple hair would just look strange on me.
*picture Hermione Granger's hair as of the first Harry Potter film. It's a lot like that, only black. And it's mad entirely on its own- no teasing required!
PS. The girl in the picture is NOT me! The picture is purely illustrative..


G.G. said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've been nearly every color on the spectrum. I say do it before it's too late, but yeah cut it short. Not a bob but a pixie - then you'll look like a fairy princess!

Katie Rosemary said...

I have never dyed my hair but one day dream of randomly going blue... I say go for it asap, you'll just have to overly condition it to try and prevent damage!

That Student said...

I've been in the mood for purple hair too...but slightly more black-purple. It made sense when I saw the box for the hair dye at least. But my mom is really anti-hair dye, so I'm waiting until I get to college to carry out my plan.

Queen Michelle said...

I used to have purple hair when I was a teenager. I can vouch for how amazing it looks but how hard it is to actually get if you have dark hair. You'll need to lighten it a few shades first (I had to) then go purple to get the most vivid shade. But most purples aren't permanent so they wash out which means you'll be left with your lightened hair, and some root regrowth, underneath once it's washed out. Although putting purple over black hair gives a more subtle tinge which 'glows' purple in certain lights. That's very nice too.

Teresa said...

All I know it purple fades fast, but it looks very Violet-Incredible when freshly coloured. I always wanted purple hair, but my school is full of crazy, badly coloured hair (think all the colors of the rainbow, in neon) that I'll just be amongst the masses.

Anonymous said...

You should try the purple. If you love it then go to a salon that has elumen. It is a hair dye that comes in all the flashy colors that DO NOT wash out! It is an amazing product!!!

somethingridiculous said...

check out hottopic for some intense fishnet stockings while you're at it ;)

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