On Girls, Gloves And The Art Of René Gruau

...though I suppose it's not quite right to call them girls, given that René Gruau never drew female figures without a strong hint of slink and sophistication, and 'womanly' is very much the appropriate adjective for the general vibe of his illustrations (see another one in this post)
I've always been more than a little in love with the boldness and flourish of his work, combined with the sparse composition- his work (for Jacques Fath, Dior and others) was never short of impact.
If anyone takes a close look at these or larger images, you'll see a spiky star-shape above Gruau's signature in several of his illustrations- after an inkblot fell on his work and he doodled it into the shape of a star, he liked it so much that he adopted it as a motif.


T.A.P.S. said...

this post is amazing. love vintage illustrations like this. I'm following! xoxo


I keep my eyes wide open all the time said...

I love Gruau's work, I have a postcard of one of his pieces up on my wall x

branded apparel said...

i love vintage creations,these are amazing.

West Africa Gold Exploration said...

these are lovely.

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