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While the world spent the last week gasping over Black Swan, this humble blog finds itself much more excited by the imminent release of a film that manages the double feat of being based on one of my favourite books and being set, via what looks like judicious adaptation, in one of my favourite eras, fashion-wise (three words: Mods and Rockers).

The updated adaptation isn't due for general release for a while yet, but the trailer looks promising- Sam Riley might be over a decade older than Pinkie in the book, but is baby-faced enough for that not to bother me too much (also, I remember how good he was in Control). And even though I do love a sharply-dressed bit of celluloid featuring Crombie coats, parkas and vintage scooters, the fact that the costume designers exercised some restraint and didn't go all-out with the 60s costume on Rose (Andrea Riseborough) is something that makes a great deal of sense to anyone who has read the book- she is a bit naïve, not very worldly-wise, and it does make sense that she isn't enough of a fashion plate to dress in head-to-toe Mary Quant that early in the decade.
And now, for stills:
Mods out in full force. I love the souped-up rides and the parkas..
And the impeccable wardrobe of what looks like every man in this film- this still looks like it could well be from the 1930s in which the book was originally set, instead of the 1964 of this adaptation.
Helen Mirren proves that it isn't just youth making clothes look pretty here- the clothes are that good, and I'm more than a little floored by the combination of red hair, lipstick and coat.


kirstyb said...

this was filmed in my home tow xxx

Blue Floppy Hat said...

^oh, wow. Did you get to see any of the filming?

Perakath said...

What's the story about? And please don't tell me to Google it!

I keep my eyes wide open all the time said...

Wow, it looks really good :) I can't wait to see it x

Sister Wolf said...

I had no idea! I'll never forget reading the book, I can still remember its power after 30 years.

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