Spot The Sock

Does anyone else see what I do, i.e. a clear resemblance between what Stella Tennant is wearing in this W editorial from September 1995:
and these (below):
Prada A/W 2010-11
It's not as if socks or tights worn with heels are anything new (the aforeshown editorial shot proves that), but something about the insistence that they are indeed new and a 'trend' puzzles me. Unless it's fashion exhibiting one of its classic traits- the approximate memory/attention span of a goldfish*- yet again. Besides, the Prada legwear and shoes look much too similar to the Stephane Kélian shoes and Holland & Holland shooting socks on Stella for me to pass up making this post.
*note on its history in the early 00s: There are ElleGirl editorials dating from 2004-05 and a runway trend page from the April 2004 issue of Vogue UK open in front of me right now showcasing this particular styling permutation. I think the look started showing up on streetstyle blogs a lot c. 2007 and 2008, but my pedantic side needs to state that it did exist before that .
image 1 from The Fashion Spot, image 2 and 3 from style.com


Han said...

Did you see this TED talk on the fashion industry? http://www.ted.com/talks/johanna_blakley_lessons_from_fashion_s_free_culture.html

Pretty cool. And an eye-opener for me.

WendyB said...

I'm more fascinated by the dress. It's as appropriate now as it was then!

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Fashion wild said...

your aticles are very good!!

katie stone said...

wow i love all these socks!:) great style!


Daeja Porte said...

love socks with heels!! You see them everywhere in Tokyo!



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