Ad Campaigns AW09/10: BURBERRY

(c) Burberry/Testino. For bigger pictures, click here.

Given that I was actually not looking forward to the rumoured idea of Chanel ads featuring Emma Watson a while ago*, the above shots of the Burberry AW09/10 campaign featuring, in what's probably become classic Burberry format, that very same young lady decked out in trenchcoats and bags by the Thames, came as a bit of a relief. I can't help thinking she's really a much better fit for Burberry than she'd have been for Chanel- Young London seems like a good thing for her to represent, methinks, if she really has to model (Young Posh London, seems like). And she looks much better here than in a pile of other magazine shoots in couture clothes- more herself, maybe, as opposed to Hermione Granger dressing up - I adore Hermione, but I think outside of the movies, it's nicer to see Emma. And the pictures have a nice London-in-early-fall/winter vibe which I really like, notwithstanding the house checks, which I am no fan of. Besides, it's also probably good publicity for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I'm rather excited about.
On a side note: I can't be the only blogger to have got this stuff in the inbox (and this is for a blog that went two months without being updated). I know more people got this- what do you guys think of getting all the PR emails and ad stuff? I honestly wasn't planning for this to be my first proper post in donkey's ages, but it just popped up and begged posting about, given that I whinged about the prospect earlier.

*Just to clarify, I think she's lovely. Just maybe a little young and doesn't seem sophisticated enough for a Chanel ad yet.
And if anyone wonders at the teeny-tiny size on the pictures, the email containing them all but ordered all manner of copyright acknowledgements (which I'm happy to give), and the squitty resolution. Fair enough, I guess.


Perakath said...

I didn't know companies sent out promo material to bloggers like that...

I didn't recognise Emma there, until I read the text.

Speaking of which, the text seems quite a bit smaller than the pictures, which don't look particularly small to me.

Any idea what material the coats in the top and bottom pictures are made of?

ambika said...

Wow, she does look surprisingly appropriate in these ads (though still incredibly young in that first pic.)

I've been kind of surprised by the press material I get. I'm assuming I'm on some massive distribution list & that the agents don't actually read my site given the content of what they send me (ie: things like fluffy duck slippers.)

yumiko said...

its great to see youre back to posting! :.)
i agree with the emma watson/chanel thing, it just doesnt seem right, but looking at these pictures, i think she looks lovely here

. said...

I always love this site, its a must check daily!


Sneaky Magpie said...

I feel the same about this campaign, Emma does look good for the first time ever and is wearing the clothes really well. I like the hair and make up. I am not a big fan of hers given all her fashion disasters, wearing grown up couture dresses made her look just weird but this is promising. And the Chanel match was just wrong but Karl seems to have a lot of unsuitable muses lately.

Anonymous said...

Myself Rajneesh from Barahbanki Dist., UP. Very much I would like piczzz of 'knocks'.
Jay Ram Ji Ki.

Rollergirl said...

Yay, you're back! I totally agree with you. I'm not a fan of hers one way or another (saw one Harry Potter film and was bored to tears) however, she looks A-mazing!
So much better than she would have been for Chanel. NOT impressed with the news that se may be launching her own fashion line though - even if it IS for charity...

Meg said...

Apparently she's been emphatic that she's not pursuing an acting career post-HP unless it's something absolutely wants to do, so perhaps she's going in a different direction - in fashion? She looks lovely in the last pic but in the first two she looks a bit like she's playing at dressup. Burberry's a better label for her than Chanel though I think.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't even recognise here until you mentioned it, though she does look kind of nice...But I have to agree with your last lines..she doesn't seem sophisticated enough, yet.

P.S. I didnt know you were this into fashion. I love the blog!! :)

BB&HH said...

Some new stufff are coming on BB&HH... lets check this out (:

thx Bisous.

Charlotte said...

I think Emma looks great here, mabe a bit older than she really is but so do all the models, don't they?


.cocobutterlipbalm said...

shes absolutely gorgeous - she looks abit like alexa chung here...... I'm not quite sure why, I'm glad she chose to model for burberry it really lets out her chic elegant side -your blog is really quirky and cute, I'd really appreciate if you would check out my blog and become a follower -http://cocobutterlipbalmx.blogspot.com/

pressure diamond said...

she is lovely!!! she gets away with strong eyebrows so well. it just looks perfect on her. I think you're definitely right about burberry vs. chanel.

That Student said...

It's quite a long way from the first Harry Potter movie. Also, you get way better promo material than I do. I just get spammed with random stuff that has no relation to anything I know.
Also...I decided to try to start writing again. http://thenonadventures.blogspot.com

Stacy said...

i actually like her in this ad and certain photos of the Chanel ad. I think it's because we're all so use to seeing her as "the booksmart Hermione" and not actually Emma.

welcome back


Shin said...

I think Emma Watson is perfect for Burberry and the label is smart to put her on the campaign. xxoxxoo

Lemondrop Marie said...

I think she looks amazing! And wouldn't have guessed that she would have done this so well. But your point about her representing younger London is on the mark, she seems at home in this ad.

Anonymous said...

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Antonio Barros said...

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Love Burberry, just classy!

queengilda said...

i love those ads. i love harry potter. i love emma. hahaha. but seriously, i think she's somehow really down to earth and has a good head on her shoulders.

AND she looks great in all these couture stuff that karl and now burberry's throwing on her! can anyone have it better?!

Anonymous said...

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