Vive La Luna!

It's July 2007. The 8th of July 2007, to be exact, which means that less than two weeks separate me and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. That statement might sound mildly psychotic along with the rest of this post but bear with me, please. I'd planned a Potterpost that was a whole lot more tangentially related to the series than this one about another actress from a previous film, but it's very strange to be faced with photographic evidence that they're really not little kids anymore (they haven't been for a while now, but it still takes some getting used to). And Katie Leung and Emma Watson look very, very pretty and comfy in their dresses even if the garments in question are nothing unconventional along the lines of Sevigny/Dunst, they're very young and what they've got on still has enough going on to be interesting- which is astonishing considering the fact that Emma's dress is by Chanel, which usually = good perfume, boring black and tweed jackets (at least as far as I've known). And neither of them looks fake tanned, which I suppose anyone should be grateful for.
But the real surprise comes to me in the form of young Evanna Lynch (far left), whose slightly hippie (thanks to the hair)-meets-grandpa (thanks to those pants and the belt) getup I'd have dismissed at a glance as annoying scenesterness if it wasn't for the fact that she looks so utterly at ease in it. And also because of the hair, which is hair right after my own heart. You can't possibly be half-assed about that look with that hair, which I know because my own used to be that long (longer, in fact) and wavy to boot and maintaining it was, pardon my language, an utter bitch. The above assortment of clothes is just the dead spit of what I imagine Luna Lovegood would wear if she were a Muggle teenager, plus I'd be willing to bet money that no stylist put her look together- and the final product somehow seems much more interesting than if she'd shown up in a dress and heels. I know gossip blogs will be all over her for daring to look scruffy at a photocall (Go Fug Yourself had hilarious things to say about both sets of outfits), but I'd pat her on the back (or applaud, at any rate) if I met her- this brand of dottiness is something I don't often get to see, and something tells me it's all her own.
On a side note, I really do like Katie's purple tights.
(pictures from Go Fug Yourself)


ambika said...

I have been so pleased with how Emma has dressed. A little adventurous but still age appropriate (ie: not flashing her bits). I don't agree with the Fug girls either.

blushing apples said...

cant wait for the premier!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Ambika: I agree with you about Emma's style. It's still finding its feet, but she does ok for someone who didn't have a stylist till the last Potter movie came out two years ago. And I do find it somewhat refreshing, the fact that when not doing movie-related stuff she looks like a normal girl.
Blushing Apples: I'm a bit excited too :)

Meg said...

I'm always surprised by how Emma Watson comes across in interviews, I expect her to be a snobby know-it-all but she actually seems really charming and normal. I think her fashion sense has to be applauded because she could be running around dressed like La Lohan or the Olsen twins but she doesn't. I think Katie Leung looks adorable too.

Re: Chin-stroking types. I know them well.

Perakath said...

Emma Watson is HOTTTTTTT.... cute and sexy, rather.

Katie Leung is Cho Chang? Not the image I had in my head but then none of them have been, so far...

Loony seems to fit in quite well. What does Ginny-who-likes-Harry look like?

One more thing -- how old are these kids?? Shouldn't they be past the stage where the girls are taller than the guys?

the lipstick lady said...

i didn't get what was wrong with katie's purple tights/purple shoes/adorable dress combo. I think the fug girls just wanted smethign nasty to say and mistook the gust of wind that kind of puffed up her dress for some kind of... puffed up dress.
but I am also SO EXCITED, I'm actually going mad. I have to admit, I only read up to the 3rd book and then the movies started coming out so I was watching them in stead, but I know that as soon as a box set of books come out, I will be snapping it up straight away.

The Stiletto Effect said...

can't wait for the premier also :)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I just saw pictures from a new round of premieres/publicity events...young Miss Watson really does know how to polish up.
Alanna: I agree with you, it looks like a windy day in the photograph. And what's wrong with looking like Bjork anyway, I think she's hellishly cool.
Perakath: stop it! That sounded a bit gross, and at the Harry Potter forums I frequent, it'd have earned you a warning from the moderators, cause all of them except Katie Leung are underage.
Meg: Come to think of it, the entire Potter trio seem like nice, normal(ish) kids. And I have to respect Emma for choosing to finish school when she could so easily have dropped out and gone into the acting gig full time.

Yohan said...

Perakath man. These kids were born in the 1990s. Cute is as far as you should go! Hee hee. This Emily Watson seems very kicked with herself. Might turn out to be an annoying sort.

The description "pretty and comfy" is nice. I like seeing people dressed comfortably.

I imagined a very different Cho CHang too. More Chinese looking, maybe.

Meg said...

I didn't see the first picture yesterday but Katie Leung is stunning!

Re: I agree with you about the skinny/structural clothing thing. Volume looks bad on curvy shapes when the fabric is loose and baggy. I'm seriously considering the black skirt but I'm scared of regretting it.

Teresa said...

Wow, Emma really cleans up for the premieres, but my god everytime I see Dan Radcliffe, I keep thinking of a prepubescent little child, even after his flashing his bits in Equus anf revealing a very BUFF body. It's rather freaky to see Harry Potter with a six pack.

Perakath said...

Well, there are girls my age who lech at Radcliffe too (God only knows how they find him attractive... talk about having a face of wood... Keanu Reaves is Jack Nicholson next to this guy...)

Ok, no more personal comments. Yes, their clothes are nice.

Yohan said...

Hee hee. I agree about Radcliffe. He's really in that awkward teen phase, face-wise. Looks like he needs a moustache or somthing.

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