Random Musing 1, Completely Unrelated To Fashion.

I don't take well to rum at all. The stuff inevitably makes me want to puke, possibly as a side effect of the sugar it's made of, and the smell just isn't one of my favourite things, to the extent that I can't even ingest a simple rum and coke without feeling queasy. The only way I like it is as a babushka (see recipe, somewhere below).
Neither, for that matter, do I like feeling grubby or unwashed. Or people who look as if they might smell like they are. Looking like that around the time we have to submit assignments or give exams is forgivable, though.
I'm also mildly ambivalent about boats: I do not take to water like a fish of any description except possibly the mudskipper, which as far as I know is amphibious.
So it's all very well Captain Jack Sparrow is fictional, because I can't even imagine what it would be like to fancy a real-life person like that when the fictional one, according to the person who portrays him, is partly based on a cartoon skunk. I'm just an utter sucker for swordfights (including those of the lightsabre variety), added to the fact that he's mostly batty- or at least seems it. And I kind of want a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to watch sometime.


Yohan said...

Yeah but Pirates 3 sucked, didn't it?

Lost my taste for rum too, although luckily I've lost my taste for puking in addition. Perhaps I just drink slower now. If it's not beer, then Whiskey and Jack-and-coke (Jack Daniels) are my preferences. Although I'm not averse to trying our random cocktails.

Do the NLS people have parties on/off campus? How often do you drink?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Even so, Pirates 1 is still a masterpiece of early-21st-century filmmaking. I can't remember any character after that being able to raise a cheer from an audience the way Jack Sparrow does...ok, now ignore my fangirlishness.
And Pirates 3 sucked less than Spider-Man ditto though they could seriously have done without Sao Feng. And oh, maybe about half an hour of footage.
Parties proper get held off campus, and they're kind of rare so mostly we just go to the local shady pub and come back the way we are. As for how often I drink, I'm not really sure- it kind of depends on how far into the trimester we've got and how stressed out everyone anticipates feeling in the days to follow.

punky said...

cute blog

Meg said...

Jack Sparrow = 21st century icon in my opinion. One of the most perfectly filled roles, ever.

Re: You're welcome, even if it was unintetional. That book makes me wish that I was alive in the 50's more than any film. I'm actually jealous of Penelope who is a FICTIONAL character. It's a sad state of affairs.

Shelby said...

Ew, rum. i remember on a "honors kids go bad" sleepover, we decided to indulge. Hahhahah. OJ + rum= drunk nerds.

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