Lovely Lily

I love girls who look like they have fun with and in whatever they've got on. Oh, and like me, Miss Allen doesn't seem to be much of a jeans person either (jeans are the single most aesthetically punishing sartorial invention of the last two centuries. Especially if you have body fat). Now to find a pretty poofy-skirted dress and put my old college sweatshirt over that....
I might be biased because I like her music, but she still looks pretty bloody good.


Young Thos. said...

Have you seen the colossal difference it makes to Celine Dion when she's NOT trying to look like some epic heroine?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

If you mean what she had on at the Oscars, yes.
That still doesn't make her voice any less annoying, though. Unless she's singing in French and I can't understand (or be annoyed by) the lyrics.

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