Do These Look Cool, Or What?

When I logged in to Style.com to get a look at what'd been happening over at Paris Fashion Week, this was really not what I expected to see at, of all places, Balenciaga. Given that the house is famous for being slightly architectural and very technical at times with its inspirations (metal leggings, remember? Not metallic, metal), the last thing I expected to see coming down the runway was the kind of outfit some dream version of me would be able to wear in some dream version of a college where I possess poise and insouciance in equal and completely appropriate degrees. Quite a far cry from the anchors and riding hats of two seasons ago. But Nicolas Ghesquière, quite aside from being very spiffy (I'd steal his jacket if I could but chances are it'd look ridiculous on me) is also very talented. And as for the sculpture/architecture that I thought was missing, it turned up in full force by the middle of the show. I don't normally want to wear things straight off the runway, but I feel like I must go and hunt out a pair of slim-fitting pants and jacket, also a long-sleeved shirt that lets me show just the right degree of cuff, now....ok, next winter, but it's still cold here so I should be allowed...
I do want to do more than review stuff and whine here, but anyone who's had the patience to get so far down the post will just have to bear with me.

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