Strange to be posting here again, but nostalgia has funny ways of working.

It's been twelve years to the day since I began Nonsense on Stilettos, nearly seven since I last posted in it, and in that time, the entire ....blogosphere, for lack of a better word to call it, has changed beyond all recognition (for starters, approximately half of the blogs in my sidebar have now gone private, been deleted, got new domains or become primarily instagram accounts - RIP). Fashion is a visual business, and I've always been more of a words girl - perhaps it was inevitable that I'd never be able to keep up. But I loved the little c.2006-08 style-blog corner of Internet we had and the odd sort of community we built, even if being small potatoes came with its own pitfalls. And I loved blogging as a part of that community. 

I can't pinpoint exactly what combination of plummeting self-esteem and plain quotidian exhaustion made me punish myself by thinking I didn't deserve to blog anymore/was rubbish at it, but honestly, I think I may as well truck along at it even if I'm shouting into the void, if for no other reason than to not feel like the part of me that loved things has died. 

This blog is back.

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