Another Ad I Love

Yohji Yamamoto, AW 1998-99
Photographer: Nick Knight
Model: Susie Bick

Images like these make me wish Yohji could put out more ads for his main line, (yes, despite last year's bankruptcy) and not just Y-3. The PC police will probably go nuts about the cigarette, but the smoke swirls and louche, slouchy pose turn the starkness and elegance of the clothes into a combination that is nothing short of amazing to look at- not just a magazine advert for clothes.


Tiger Feet said...

Susie Bick! A classic.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

^thanks so much for IDing Susie! I wasn't sure it was her, with the hair obscuring her face. But yes, classic indeed.

Nixi. said...

Amazing designer, ad and model. Love it, thanks


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