Boredom Speaks

It's an odd thing for a fashion blogger to say, but fashion has been boring me for a while. Given the extreme speed at which one set of collections follows another (Pre-Fall, Menswear and now Couture Week- how are the designers even breathing?) , I must admit to feeling mildly glutted and tired of it all (not that what I think actually matters to the people involved).

And bizarrely for a girl with zero interest in sport, it happens to be exactly the thing that has an iron grip on my brain at the moment, specifically in the form of football. Or maybe football just seems more special than fashion right now because the World Cup comes along once every four years as opposed to every other month, and Paul the Octopus doesn't do trend forecasts, only match forecasts. Is anyone else excited for the final?


lin said...

I am! I've always loved to watch football, and it's definitely more interesting than the parade of haute couture/pre-fall/resort/whatever.

(Not that I have 100% renounced my interest in nice clothes.)

Which team have you been supporting? And is it going to Spain or Netherlands tonight? I'm rooting for the Spaniards...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Lin: I feel much the same way you do- my interest in fashion isn't dead but football is definitely more exciting right now.

For the record, I hope Spain wins.

Zabrinah said...

I totally understand how fashion isn't really holding your attention or garnering much interest right now.

I too, watched the World Cup final and had a thrill!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Zabrinah- I'm glad to find other people who feel the same way, and I had a brilliant time watching the final surrounded by screaming Spanish tourists. It was great.

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