Parallel Worlds

installation at Ji Lee's home
closeup of installation at Ji Lee's home

Ji Lee's latest project, Parallel Worlds, was born out of the observation that modern-day ceilings are 'dead space'- undecorated and neglected, in contrast to their treatment in past centuries (eg. the Sistine Chapel, for a start) or even the care taken with the decoration of interior walls and floors today. The results- miniature installations made to scale, created in the image of things in a room, and fastened to ceilings- are amazing, and not only because of the unexpected quality of their scale and placement. I suggest going over and having more of a look- here.
Rhino Meets R2D2
Rhino meets R2D2- detail shot

images from pleaseenjoy.com


Perakath said...

Supercool. And nice new header pic!

LRB said...

I love this!

Masha said...

great blog)))


Razzi said...

So interesting!  Thanks for sharing!

Paddy☮ xx
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Acid Beth said...

But that isn't a rhino? It's a hippo.

Anyway, nice blog! xx

blue floppy hat said...

Acid Beth: The creator labelled it Rhino Meets R2D2- who am I to say otherwise? I'm glad you think the blog is nice though.

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