Real-Life Style: In Which I Introduce TC

I've wondered, in the past, why most of the people Vogue and Elle India etc cite as style inspirations of any sort come across as fashion victims whose idea of style is piling one big-name label item of clothing over another, and then adding expensive accessories(answer: they probably are). Most real-life people of my generation don't quite have the label-whore tendencies (can't afford it) but tend to dress in a rather formulaic and unimaginative manner*. Which is why, when I find a style 'bright spot' of sorts, they must be appreciated- like in the picture above. Blog readers, all eighty-odd of you per day, meet TC.
It's not hard to say why exactly I've had a bit of a style crush on TC (my classmate, so nicknamed for her own initials and those of Top Cat) for years. Her look is as varied as it is distinctive- she's dressed as everything from girly to rock chick to relaxed to preppy to whatever, and looked at home in all of it- and she has an excellent eye for colour, silhouette and detail*** (if you don't believe me, look at the picture). Also, in a campus full possible death traps and hilly, pebbly ankle-twisting terrain, it really, really helps that she rarely wears heels. Which flies in the face of fashion wisdom- she's petite- but can make for awesome style. As does the fact that her wardrobe isn't crazy designer expensive stuff - just well-chosen. For the sake of my own eyes, I hope she keeps on with it.
* sample boywear: t-shirt+jeans/baggy pants (maybe a button-down shirt for the adventurous). sample girlwear: kurtas/kurtis/tight t-shirts with skinny jeans or harem pants. I could be missing something, but people here really do all dress alike.
casually used to the point of seeming instinctive- I've hardly ever seen TC with a fashion magazine....
***picture from Facebook, taken at a concert of sorts. Used with TC's permission. Just so it's clear, the girl in the picture is TC, not me.


Jyun said...

yea, I came across a Indian celeb fashion blog and the idiot slammed every single Indian celeb's style even when most were stunning.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Jyun: Sad to say, I'd probably agree with the idiot- most Indian celebs, esp. the Bollywood kind, tend to confuse the concepts of 'expensive' and 'stylish'. Being good-looking doesn't mean your choice in clothing can't be fug!
I singled out TC because she's one of the very, VERY few people I know who makes an effort with her look and knows what works for her. It's a good lesson for anyone.

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Kendra said...

Love your blog, everything is great. Thanks for posting :)


Natalie said...

love ur gray tights, lovely blog! :)



Mens casual jackets said...

Those tights are fabulous! Loving your blog!

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