And Look Who's Back..

LLG returns! I'm grinning like a loon at the thought of one of my all-time favourite bloggers making a comeback to the blogosphere...2009 is awesome :). And if you've read this far, click on the link already!
A string of paper submissions, viva voces, and now exams in quick succession have officially shot my resolution to blog (like, actually blog) more into little bitty pieces, but someday when I'm less tired, I shall blog (and now I understand why Fops and Dandies shut down on heading off to law school, though my law school is nowhere near as taxing as hers).


Libertygirl said...

Thanks sweetpea! Seriously, I'd have started blogging again two months ago when I left my job if I'd have known the reaction...LLG xx

WendyB said...

I was excited to see this too!

evie said...

it can be difficult having to blog and juggle exams and the like. in any case, it's good to see you popping up every once in awhile even if to say hello :)

deep_in_vogue said...

How exciting! Have a great weekend, babe!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

LLG: It really is great to see you back, and it would've been great two months ago too but you're here now so that's all brilliant :)

WendyB: I know! I think a lot of us were, to be honest ^_^

Evie: It's been MAD BUSY these past few months, I've missed blogging so..

deep_in_vogue: totally agreed :)

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