Again, another set of events for which I don't quite have words. It's not as if India isn't used to terrorist attacks, and this isn't even the first time this year that we've had them, but it makes me sick every time, and it needs to stop. This is the third time this year that bombs have gone off, or attacks happened, in places where my friends or I would almost certainly have been, had we been in the cities in question at the time. And to top off one of the worst weeks ever, someone I know- one of the sweetest, kindest girls in a place where people like that were rare- has died (not in the attacks). I'm about ready for November to end, really.
I'm sorry to turn this into a quasi-diary entry, but Nonsense on Stilettos will be back on the fashion jabbering, and soon. I've just got a few exams to get out of the way first..


...I can't find the words to think of a vaguely smart-sounding title for this (and I know I'm WAY late), but- to all the lovely American fash-bloggers out there that I've been lucky enough to read and know, especially those who were old enough to vote (including WendyB, ENC, Rumi, Karla, Ambika, Lulu, Rhiannon, Dreamecho and The Clothes Horse)- congratulations! I hope you guys like your new President-elect :).
picture from lastnightsparty. I thought it seemed apt, a non-American fashion-connected person being in it and all.

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