Again, another set of events for which I don't quite have words. It's not as if India isn't used to terrorist attacks, and this isn't even the first time this year that we've had them, but it makes me sick every time, and it needs to stop. This is the third time this year that bombs have gone off, or attacks happened, in places where my friends or I would almost certainly have been, had we been in the cities in question at the time. And to top off one of the worst weeks ever, someone I know- one of the sweetest, kindest girls in a place where people like that were rare- has died (not in the attacks). I'm about ready for November to end, really.
I'm sorry to turn this into a quasi-diary entry, but Nonsense on Stilettos will be back on the fashion jabbering, and soon. I've just got a few exams to get out of the way first..


rz said...

first time commenting... i hope you are ok over there. it does sound like a sad time.

WendyB said...

Sorry about your friend. Relieved that you are safe!

enc said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but relieved to see this post, which means you're okay.


ambika said...

I'm glad your okay & so sorry this has been such a hard time.

Rollergirl said...

So sorry. I used to go to the Taj 3 or 4 times a week when I was working in Mumbai, it's so heartbreaking to see all this. Stay safe x

evie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend...

I'm glad you aren't in the Mumbai area although it was certainly unsettling to watch the news. Like Rollergirl, I used to frequent the area whenever I was there...

Good luck with the rest of your exams!

Stephie said...

oh hon - i don't know where you are based, but i'm glad you are safe.

i'm very sorry to hear of the news, a singaporean died in the hostage situation as well, it is heartbreaking.

stay strong, and i believe we may meet one day.

deep_in_vogue said...

glad you're safe!

The_UndeaD_ said...

hey there. Well it has been sometime since I posted on your blog. Thought I should give you a heads up. And for Ol times sake. Heres are three quotes.

Annie said," Fashion is a silent, inate form of communication between humans. It is an outward expression of self. Anyone who calls off fashion as a means to get attention is forgetting the fact that it is also an art. Would you say the same thing of somebody who wrote a book, or the person reading it? Following fashion is another form of increasing knowledge. It may not be as concrete as following scientific discovery, but it is more pertinent to our modern culture. Behind the pleats and seams, you can find the stories of our society. It is a response to what is happening in our world."

Stephie said, "Fashion transcends languages. That's the reason why we all read scandinavian blogs or buy french magazines even if we don't know the language, because we can respond to the outfit even if we don't speak the language. That's the beauty of fashion for me. Also, I like that fashion is democratic. It's reflective of your individualistic choices. You can choose whatever you want to wear, and let your outfit have a voice of its own. Its what people see, and yet can never dictate."

The_UndeaD_ says,"Fashion is unavoidable. It is the shell that people carry that defines how they are treated or should be treated in the social world they live in. For a person like me I was looking for the purpose of fashion in the wrong places. Neither the runways, the magazines nor the red carpets are the intriguing representers of the fashion world. Instead as always, it is the people. The fashion world byitself is a universe."

The Clothes Horse said...

I hope you are well. The world seems to have gone mad lately.

Meg said...

Glad you haven't been caught up (literally I suppose) in the recent events, I did wonder when I first heard. I think TCH is right about a world going mad, I just can't understand it. Hope to see you back soon anyway!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who worried about me...I was perfectly safe really, only shocked. And I'm sorry for the late replies..I still don't know what to say about it all really

Rz: Thanks for commenting.. I think everyone here was more than a little hard hit by the events, but we'll be ok- I hope.
WendyB: I was never in danger, but I do know plenty of people who were very, very worried that day. And irresponsible TV reporting didn't help any.
ENC: Thank you..I really don't know what to say about my friend, though. Still trying to get used to that one..
Ambika: You're right, it hasn't been easy at all. I don't know what else to say really, other than thanks.
Rollergirl: The Taj hotel is practically a national icon (and by all accounts, the staff at all the three hotels that came under seige were amazing when it came to getting guests out to safety, some of them died in the process too), and it's heartbreaking to think of what happened there and elsewhere in the city...but I'm very glad you weren't in Bombay just then.

Evie: I'm very glad you weren't in the country either, when all of this happened.
Stephie: I spend most of the year in Bangalore for college, and sometimes go to Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay for internships/to visit home. I was really sorry to hear that a Singaporean had died- the papers said it was the first time someone from there had died in a terrorist attack.
I'm ok, and I do hope we'll be able to meet some day too- I'd really like that.

deep_in_vogue:Thank you..

The_Undead: .........

The Clothes Horse: It really does, but I'm glad you're safe too- you were at more of a risk than I ever was.

Meg: I'm not based in Bombay, so it was ok. Like I said, things like this aren't uncommon but it hit people pretty hard.

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