Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head- Or Not!

It might be officially summer for the rest of the world, but right where I am, it's been pouring rain for a while- which means only one thing- umbrellas ahoy! My bad habit of losing them means I don't get any but the plainest black ones, but if I were slightly more careful with my possessions (and if I actually knew where they came from! Romeika first posted them, here and here), the three in the pictures below would be top candidates for acquisition by me:

I particularly fancy the idea of scaring people with the cat one, being just juvenile enough for that...though Mary Poppins (the book version, not cheery Julie Andrews) would most certainly disapprove of umbrellas being used for such frivolity. And speaking of frivolity, I rather fancy a parasol too. And I probably fancy them even more after seeing this image off The Sartorialist:
It's a far cry from your average guard against the rain, but with that light behind her and the contrast of the spokes against the rest, it really does look slightly like a halo on a saint..
EDIT: I am so technologically inept, I have no idea at all how a blank post is appearing just below this one- and Blogger isn;t even letting me delete it! Did our latest power cut cause it?


WendyB said...

I laughed out loud at the cat one!

enc said...

Meow! That cat one is the best.

susie_bubble said...

The first umbrella is perfect for channelling my Eliza Doolittle at the races look....haven't put together the look yet but the umbrella is a starting point...

headmistress said...

I have been lusting after the first one for ages! only problem is that the rest of me is too dishevelled usually to live up to it. not to mention my chronic forgetfulness...

yumiko said...

ahh i love the second one with the eiffel tower thing!! in japan its also been raining alot lately.. so i often see abandoned broken vinyl umbrellas lying on the streets, at first i thought these looked really cool and sci-fi like but now realize they break very easily and are not too good for the environment

riz said...

I really need that 1st umbrella! Mine are all from covenience stores and cost $5

ankyonline said...

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Honeymoon said...

I luv the first one...so French !!! R u a shoes addict !? If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels of the fashion week !

See u !

jo said...

ooh those brollies are gorgeous! i love the one with a bow. that, together with my happy rainboots should scare the rain clouds away, haha!

Gloria said...

geez I wish I knew where to get the cat one!

Marilynn said...

Aww I love the Paris one. The cat on is very nice, my friend has one like it, but it's a pink rabbit with really HUGE ears that double at the strap to close it.

I like the clear ones from H&M, but I rock the classic black umbrella.

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Elisabeth said...

I love those umberellas! Too wonderful!

Fashion Ivy said...

That cat one would definitely freat me out if i saw it in the street

dreamecho said...

when i saw that cat one, i imagine you walking around with it, with an oh-so-devilish secret smirk on your face. it would be purrr-fect for you! ;)

thanks for sticking up for me on my blog a few days ago. you are the bestest! boy, there sure are some weirdos out there, huh?

oh, and that blank post thing is super weird! it's like a ghost of of a post, haunting Nonsense on Stilettos. hopefully it'll clear up soon.

dreamecho said...

in the first sentence, that was supposed to be "imagined" not "imagine". doh!

Katie Rosemary said...

Ah I have given up on the world of umbrellas. When it rains I like to think of it as a free shower. Oh lordy... I'm a tramp!
I loved the sart picture also... Parasols are so pretty for just propping up on display in a room too.

NewYorkChique said...

I love the first umbrella- and the cat umbrella is also very cute!
i linked you by the way, it would be fantastic if you returned the favor =]

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Wendy and ENC: The cat one is my favourite too! meow is about right for it..
Susie: Eliza at the races? It'd be so cool to do your own take on that..more so if you wear it to an actual race!
Headmistress: Ah, disheveledness is a condition I suffer from, as is forgetfulness...'tis hazardous indeed..
Yumiko: Broken umbrellas? That doesn't sound good at all...it's been raining a lot here too.
Riz: Like you, I only carry cheap black umbrellas, when I carry umbrellas at all- I've grown far too used to just getting soaked/putting up the hood of my jacket.
ankyonline: Thank you!
Style and the City: Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to check out your magazine, when it's out...
Honeymoon: I appeciate shoes, wouldn't call myself an addict though. Still, I'm always open to looking.
Jo: You're right...if nothing else, they'd be cheery to carry! Happy rainboots sound good too..
Gloria: wish I knew where it came from, too.
Marilynn: Your friend's pink rabbit umbrella sounds fantastic! I'd love a clear umbrella too, but in the absence of other options, black is best.
Elisabeth: I agree with you!
Fashion Ivy: It might look a little freaky, but I think I'd find it funny more than anything else.
Dreamecho: You're too right, I would have exactly that expression if I were holding the cat brolly..:) and about Anon, you're welcome- weirdo is about right for him/her.
And the blank post is now gone!
Katie Rosemary: If you're a tramp, then I'm one too- I've just given in to running to the nearest shelter/getting soaked!
Newyorkchique: Yeah, they're cute indeed:)
I'm trying to reorganise my blogroll at the moment (it takes me days), so would you be ok with waiting for a little bit? I'm not very good with tech stuff or HTML. Thank you for linking me, though.

Daisy said...

Very pretty, I like the first one!
I also like the cat one as it reminds me of a similar one i had when i was younger. It was the same but a frog !

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