Seven Odd Facts About Self

Since I've been tagged by Marlene from Blushing Apples with the task of setting down seven random facts about myself, I may as well finish this:

1. I quite frequently fall in love with men who are unavailable, unavailability arising from any of the following factors:
(i) nonexistence via being fictional

(ii)lack of interest in me
(iii)- which is really a subset of (ii)- they're taken.
As for (i), past candidates for my harem included D'Artagnan from The Three Musketeers, Dylan from Diary of a Crush*, Luke Skywalker**, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Trip Fontaine from The Virgin Suicides despite what I see as his ultimate dickheadedness, the Weasley twins (even at the risk of being turned into a canary along the way), Psmith, Julio from Y Tu Mama Tambien, Marcus Flutie from the Sloppy Firsts etc series and erm, Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 1.
2. A dog once placed me under effective house arrest for three days.
3. I was once a member of an organisation known as the Sisterhood of the Nice Girls' Loo. This was thanks to our simultaneous discovery of a newly renovated girls' bathroom in college, as well as the fact that we were the only people who knew it was there- it was all dusty and broken-down outside back then, so most people just assumed it was as bad inside. Sadly, the niceness of the loo- pretty tiles, taps and full-length non-distorting mirrors- didn't last past its discovery by the general populace and an invasion of pigeons who came in through the window and proceeded to poop all over the place. That didn't happen till much later, though.
4. I hate it when people steal the tips of my cake triangles. It makes me feel cheated, and it's only thanks to my magnificent capacity for self-control that those who do it don't know they've come thisclose to being stabbed in the eye with a dessert fork. And I don't even care about the rest of the cake, but the apex of a triangular slice of cake or pie is something I must be allowed to consume if it's on my plate.
5. My mum made- as in, handmade- all my clothes till I was about five years old.
6. I'm a bibliophile. The kind who who sniffs old and new pages and gets dust on her nose as a result. Thank heaven I don't have allergies. Also quite odd, the last few old books I've sniffed have smelled of...custard.
7. One of the best compliments I've ever had went "You're more macho than those two boys you hang out with". I don't get complimented that often, and certainly not to my face, but despite the huge potential for insult in that statement, I actually felt quite flattered by it.

*don't persecute me about that one, please.
**don't persecute me about that one either.
I'm going to change the tag rules. Anyone who reads this can, if they wish to, tell me about the best compliment they've ever had from someone- never mind if it's fit for the ears of children or not, and even if it's more about the complimenter than the actual line itself, fire away.


Perakath said...

"I looked up at Dylan and felt quite dizzy with longing. He was all angles..."

And he loved Art, na? Good match for you!

The Weasley twins? Yech!

I'm still trying to figure out how (7) was a compliment. Perhaps it was in the manner the speaker said it...

Yohan said...

I don't believe I've ever fallen for a character from a book, but Audrey Hepburn, Meg Ryan and Audrey Tautou are among the on-screen women I've flipped for.

I suppose unavailability has a certain inherent attraction.

I'm a bibliophile with allergies, so I have to hold musty old books at least 2 feet away from my face!

One of the strangest compliments I've received was "I love your skin! What do you use?" I don't know whether I was being made fun of, because I've always thought my face was a graveyard of ancient pimples.

Young Thos. said...

I once passed a Xeroxed Client Counselling book to someone on the other side of class and people kept sniffing it along the way because it smelled of kerosene.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Kerosene? That's a strange scent to be attracted to. Are you sure it wasn't just the glue?

blushing apples said...

aww, thanks for participating! An odd complement I seem to be getting is the remark that my nose is weird/funny, you know like meaning that they havent seen a nose like mine(i have a little bump on the tip of my nose). I see it as a complement b/c Audrey Hepburn once quoted "I know I have more sex appeal on the tip of my nose than many women in their entire bodies. It doesn't stand out a mile, but it's there."

Meg said...

I've fallen in love with Inigo Wallace and Harry from The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. I also have a thing for Giles Deacon. Trip Fontaine was a "stone fox" and I know what you mean about the difficulty of finding a decent loo at school.
The best compliment I got was from someone who told me I reminded him of Kate Bush.
Re: The boots couldn't be worn by anyone other than those models, and even they can barely pull them off.

Maddy said...

Oh man, I know all about falling in love with nonexistent people. I was totally head over heels for Harry Potter when I was in elementary school. Right now I am in love with Jim from The Office and the guy from Fight Club (Not Brad Pitt's character, the other guy). And also I am in love with Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, but really, who isn't? My favorite compliment was when this kid told me that it is easy for me to make friends because I am perfect and I watch weird movies. It was very bizarre and very delightful.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

One man I forgot to add to the list...Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride- honestly, just reading the line 'My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, now prepare to die' gives me goosebumps.

And Marlene, it's odd you should say that about your nose, because my nose also has the droopy bump on the end - only on me it looks like a bit of potato got stuck there.

the lipstick lady said...

i was so in love with trip fontaine when i read that book, even more so when i saw the film. and how did a dog put you under house arrest? I'm curious

blushing apples said...
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blushing apples said...

blue floppy hat: if you ever feel bad about your nose remember this wise words or so I tell myself
"I know I have more sex appeal on the tip of my nose than many women in their entire bodies. It doesn't stand out a mile, but it's there."

VDOprincess said...

I fall in love with book guys, too! Gilbert (from Anne of Green Gables) Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Predjudice) and Rhett Butler were all favorites at some point.

I also sniff books. That new book smell is amazing.

the lipstick lady said...

that's a very funny story about the dog, but I feel your pain. Sneaking isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Everybody's blowing this open letter thing out of proportion, when Susie isn't being hateful or accusing me of anything at all, people are just taking it very personally...

Meg said...

You have a rental store entirely dedicated to French films?

the lipstick lady said...

i wrote a poem, I don't think it matches up to your's or your friend's, but for me it's pretty good. even if it is about a pair of tights.
as for the best compliment I ever had... well, it goes from 'you look like that person who isn't keira knightley and was in V for Vendetta. You know, she shaved her head, her hair's a bit like yours' the hair bit wasn't very nice, as I seriously don't have a buzz cut, but I don't really get compliments that often.
I did get one from a friend who doesn't have much tact in her speech.
she said:
'you know, you could be a model. Some people tell me I could be a model, but I can't because I'm not weird looking enough. You look quite weird, like a model. You have wide set eyes and a round face...'
she didn't understand why I was a bit offended, but it's fine, I'm fine with looking like a weird natalie portman!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Blushing Apples : ah, thank you :) The beezer in question is a bit red and raw from having been rubbed with tissues a few times too often (I'm recovering from a regular monster of a cold) but this is much appreciated.
vdoprincess: It's funny you should mention Anne of Green Gables, I loved those books. Still do, in fact.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I've read books and dreamed about characters for weeks on end, to a point when I "miss" a character from the book. Wierd.

nice post, interesting read thru. stop by and say hi sometime!

QOS said...

James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause is the love of my life.

I think the most bizarre "compliment" I've ever gotten was when my friend's little brother said "you have a really thin face like Michael Jackson. . .but in a good way."

Chelsamajiggy said...

My compliment ... hmm ...

Oh, I'll go for the classic.

"Those jeans are lovely. They squash your ass and everything."

Wow. So my ass needs a squashing?

It's not an innuendo. It is the most manipulative comment one can give.

Well, maybe second most. I'm sure there's someone out there that can top it.

They just refuse to show themselves.


Wow I totally had crushes on fictitious characters including trip and spike . Mine was holden caulfield because he was so anti-heroic. I guess the most recent would have to be howl from howl's moving castle, this might only be because Christian Bale did the v/o

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